Hospital Negligence Lawyers

As your Indiana hospital negligence lawyers, we hold the negligent corporations and people responsible for your injuries. As Indiana hospital negligence lawyers, we have 35 years of combined experience helping patients obtain the maximum compensation available through personal injury lawsuits.

Indiana emergency room errors

Physicians, nurses and staff work hard to help patients in urgent care facilities. But the chaotic pace of an emergency room does not excuse negligent behavior. As your Indiana hospital negligence lawyers we pursue compensation in cases involving:

  • Delay in providing crucial treatment
  • Misdiagnosis of illness
  • Injecting the incorrect dosage of medication
  • Administering the wrong medication
  • Failing to properly sterilize equipment and surfaces

Building a strong case against corporate hospitals

Most hospitals are large corporations that retain a risk management team to minimize liability and financial loss when accidents occur. Often hospitals seek to deflect blame onto staff members or the patients themselves. As your Indiana hospital negligence lawyers, we will build a strong case against all culpable parties.

Wrongful death of a loved one

If you have suffered the tragedy of losing your loved one because of a hospital’s negligent care, your Indiana medical malpractice wrongful death lawyers can help. Although no amount of money can repair the mistakes that were made, a personal injury judgment can provide your family with the compensation you need to recover your financial stability.